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About Heather O'Brien & Certifications

When you visit you will feel the joy, passion and commitment I have for the practice of massage therapy. My approach to practicing massage therapy is to build a relationship of trust and comfort with my clients.

I view massage a collaboration between the client and the therapist to help facilitate healing change. Each clients' situation is unique. We all have accumulated stress and trauma that our bodies have adapted to over the years. That's why you won't find yourself getting a cookie cutter massage.

The two of us work together to discover the best direction of treatment with me as a facilitator helping your body heal itself.


Massage for People Living with Cancer 

- for those currently in treatment for cancer & those that have dealt with the diagnosis in the past 


Massage for Military Veterans with PTSD

- for those dealing with all stages of the disorder


Certified Infant Massage Instructor

- private session with parent(s) that teaches the techniques & benefits of massaging baby and furthering the parent/baby bonds


Geriatric Massage

- for the aged or chronically ill, a gentle treatment specially modified for the comfort of the patient



Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are considering massage therapy. Massage therapy is a very powerful tool that can help relieve stress and pain in your body when applied correctly.

I invite you call or email me with any questions you may have as to whether massage therapy would be an appropriate choice for you.



Mission Statement:  

To enrich the lives of others with the healing work of massage. 

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